Our Team

Louisiana Tax Sale Deeds With many years of experience, our team of experts in Louisiana tax sales have handled thousands of transactions involving millions of dollars of transferred Louisiana tax sale assets.

In selling Louisiana tax sale deeds and/or certificates, we know the frustration with the illiquidity involved with owning a tax sale deed/certificate to property that you no longer want or need and our goal is to make transfer of this asset an easy one.

For buying or trading Louisiana tax sale deeds/certificates, we understand the lack of readily available online secondary market for Louisiana tax sale deeds/certificates.

Whether you want to sell, buy or trade your tax sale asset, we will handle your transaction with the utmost promptness, professionalism and care.

What Makes Us Different

Its easy! We bring you cash offers and can close very quickly! We do not rely on bank or private financing which can take 60-90 days to close.

We also have a network of tax sale investors that hold thousands of Louisiana tax sale deeds/certificates!

We Are An Independent Facilitator To The Transaction

Our company is the industry leader in the Louisiana tax sale asset secondary market that connects buyer and sellers of tax sale assets. Although we will not be acting as your agent or broker in connection with your sale, purchase or trade of your tax sale asset, we are excited to work with you directly OR your agent, broker or counsel.